Paint and Paper Visions creates your unique, one of a kind, personalized mixed media collages. Using a variety of mixed media materials she transforms canvases into breathtaking conversation pieces that you will cherish for a lifetime. Denise uses a creative yet collaborative approach to achieve a unique finished product that you will be proud to display. You’ll never look at art as ordinary again.



While Denise incorporates her acrylic painting techniques in her mixed media collages she enjoys painting her own interpretation of scenes from her travels and love of gardening. Why not? She’s a Master Gardener of course! She also enjoys relaxing process of using watercolor paint. She recently participated in a Plein Air artist retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Over the years Denise developed a love for nature photography because of the wonderful abstract design one can discover. She often incorporates the beauty of nature with spirit and vitality, bringing your artistic vision to life. Watch out for her inspirational metallic photo cards her clients love.

2020 Highlights

Getting to work in the studio! The year 2020 started off with a bang in more than one way. Prior to us knowing that we were entering a Pandemic or the ramifications of such an event I conducted my first Vision Board Workshop at Little Tree Art Studios. Looking forward to inviting you to my 2022 workshop. Click here to view 2020 in the studio.

I knew I wanted to be an artist when I started taking art classes in high school. I would come home and make all kinds of crazy sculptures from any found objects I could conjure up, long before they were known as “mixed media”.

As an educator I was always a strong supporter of the arts. My students were often recognized for their artistic ability which I fostered through the integration of art across the curriculum.

My efforts were rewarded by winning numerous awards and accolades, especially for the mixed media murals they collaboratively created.

As an administrator for the New York City Public schools, I supervised many performing and visual artists in the schools as part of the artists residency program. This afforded many lasting memories and creative experience for thousands of students throughout my career.

You’ll experience this same passion today.